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DinghyGo frequently asked questions (FAQ)
A: In order to further enhance DinghyGo's portability, design and quality, several improvements are implemented for DinghyGo 3 Nomad. The robust construction remains the same. The main enhancements are: lighter hull materials and beautiful designed lightweight composite thwart/daggerboard holder and mast deck/step boards resulting in 20% (-10 Kg; -22 lb.) boat and sail kit weight reduction. The new spars color is silver.
A: The ideal wind force for sailing with DinghyGo ranges from 2 to 4 Beaufort.
A: DinghyGo is designed for voyages on sheltered coastal waters, small bays, small lakes, rivers and canals. DinghyGo complies to the European CE/ISO specifications 6185 part 2-V category D, which means conditions up to, and including, wind force 4 and significant waves heights up to, and including, 0,3m, with occasional waves of 0,5m maximum height, for example from passing vessels.
A: The DinghyGo boat excluding sail-/row-kit and bags weighs about 26 Kg (57 lb.) for the 3 Nomad model and 33,5 Kg (74 lb.) and requires a minimum of 44 x 26 x 16 in. (112 x 65 x 40 cm) storage space in deflated and well packaged condition. The DinghyGo S boat package weighs about 25 Kg (55 lb.) and measures 44 x 23 x 12 in. (112 x 59 x 32 cm). DinghyGo sailing kit, consisting of the sailing rig, daggerboard, rudder, accessories and bag, weighs about 15Kg (33 lb.) and measures 50 x 18 x 8 in. (125 x 45 x 18 cm).
A: DinghyGo is very suitable for (small) children because of its stability, safety and easy handling. The minimum age is therefore less than other sailing boats, like the Optimist.
A: You can equip DinghyGo with electric or petrol fueled outboard engines up to 8 Hp (6 kW). The maximum power for your DinghyGo S is 3,5 Hp (2,6 kW)
A: Yes, you can suspend DinghyGo from your yacht's davits using DinghyGo's 4 stainless steel eyes.
A: Yes, there are several solutions to transport DinghyGo by bike, like the Babboe Big bicycle (www.babboe.nl) and the Burley flatbad/nomad bike trailer (www.burley.com).
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A: Yes, you can take along DinghyGo in your small car. Besides the car trunk you can also use an imperial for your car roof or towing bracket. For example: Thule Easybase 949 (www.thule.com).
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A: Yes, DinghyGo can be delivered outside The Netherlands by courier. You can order DinghyGo via the webshop and select your country delivery option. If your country is not included in the delivery options, please email your delivery address request to info@dinghygo.nl.
A: Yes, DinghyGo spare parts are available for customers and normally in stock.
A: DinghyGo's boat tubes are made of the German manufactured material Valmex.
A: DinghyGo Distributors can provide several accessories for DinghyGo like: boat covers, electric pumps and (electric) outboards.
A: DinghyGo comes with a warranty period of 24 months (within EU) and 12 months (outside EU).
A: Yes, DinghyGo deliveries include a repair kit, to repair small tube leakages yourself.
A: Please ask other questions via email (info@dinghygo.com), facebook (DinghyGo), twitter (@DinghyGo) or phone (+31(0)610509473).
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