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DinghyGo Orca 325

  • DinghyGo Orca 325

DinghyGo Orca 325 large sportive inflatable sailboat including kick-up rudder, sail-kit 5.6 m2 sail, shrouds, owners manual and instruction video.


Dimensions and weight boat Length (ft/cm): 10'7"/325 Beam (ft/cm): 4'9"/150 Draft (in/cm): 2'8"/85 Tube diameter (ft/cm): 16"/40 Weight (lbs/kg): 64/29

Capacity boat (maximum) Persons (without/with rigging): 5/2.5 Payload (lbs/kg): 1,165/575 Outboard engine (kW/Hp): 4.5/6.0 Pressure tubes/floor (psi): 3.6/10.2

Packing size boat (LxWxH in): 40"x28"x13" Packing size boat (LxWxH cm): 100x72x32

Dimensions and weight sail/row-kit Mast length (ft/cm): 14'1”/430 Boom length (ft/cm): 7'4"/225 Sail area (sq.ft/m2): 60/5.6
Weight (lbs/kg): 33/15

Packing size sail/row-kit (LxWxH in): 47"x18"x7" Packing size sail/row-kit (LxWxH cm): 120x45x18

(Specifications can differ by 5%; Weights and optimal packing sizes excluding carton, packing material & bag)


Boat tow & lift eyes (6) pump bag repair-kit

Sail/row-kit thwart removable oars (2) mast step holder removable daggerboard kick-up rudder mast (4 pieces) boom (2 pieces) sail (3 battens) blocks & lines bag


DinghyGo Orca 325

DG-LS-1.1-BO + DG-LS-1.3-SK
€ 4.908,10
€ 4.412,23