The DinghyGo Story
The DinghyGo® story starts in 2007 during a trip around the world. In a hotel room in Bangkok the TV bellows a story about a spectacular Thundercat Racing event in New Zealand. Back home the first Thundercats are imported enthusiastically to introduce them to the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg).

The thirst for the development of a new, sustainably driven sailing vessel for leisure purposes arises quickly. Fun, mobility, design, ease and innovation become the key goals for the unnamed project. After an intense phase of different ideas, designs and evaluation sessions the ‘Dinky’ Project is born. Dinky was to become the embodiment of the idea that the classic Zodiac and Dinghy boat could be united into one boat.

Three prototypes were made, tested and compared. To achieve the optimum sailing performance and experience, a new type of daggerboard is introduced to the Dinky. The team that works on this prototype is supplemented by experienced specialists such as Henry, Heerco and Jaap who help to develop the pre-production model ‘Dinky 0.9’ even further into completion and into the final testing stages. The result and final sailing experience are beyond anyone’s expectations, which leads to the birth of DinghyGo®, the Inflatable Sailboat.

DinghyGo® was introduced to the world during the Amsterdam Boatshow HISWA 2013 and was received extremely well and enthusiastically by spectators and specialists alike. The UK launch took place at the Southampton Boat Show 2013 and the London Boat Show 2014 by our distributor Nestaway Boats Ltd. Germany follows at Boot D
üsseldorf 2014 featuring the enhanced DinghyGo 2 model.
DinghyGo®’s development, production and distribution is provided by the Dutch company Aquacrafts.

The development of DinghyGo® has been an inspiring exploration thanks to the dedication and creativity of a team made up out of enthusiastic and talented people.

Hopefully you too will go on many exciting adventures with your DinghyGo®!

Michiel Troelstra
Founder and CEO Aquacrafts
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